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Oct 4, 2012 12:00pm CDT
week and recovering at home. she says he hopes to speak to 2nd district voters before the election. and she notes that if democrats take back the house, jackson would be in line to lead the powerful appropriations committee. >> a grand jury is looking into disability claims by chicago police officers over the past six years. the sun-times reports a subpoena was issued this week to the police pension board. seeking claims and medical reports on disabled officers. mayor emanuel has said he wants to stop payments to officers who have started new careers. in one case, an officer injured his shoulder on the job. he went back to school and became a lawyer. all while collecting more than 700- thousand dollars in disability benefits. city officials have not commented on the subpoena. it's sentencing day for william cellini. he was convicted of trying to shake down a hollywood producer for a campaign donation for former governor blagojevich, in exchange for a state contract. federal prosecutors want an 8- year sentence. the defense is asking he get probation. >>grabbing food while in a hurr
Oct 2, 2012 12:00pm CDT
voter i-d law cannot be enforced in next month's presidential election. ritics say it is designed to keep minority voters. who typically vote democrat. away from the polls. supporters say it will prevent voter fraud. the ruling is expected to be appealed. >>it's the world's largest coral reef eco-system, and one of australia's biggest tourist attractions and it's disappearing. half of the great barrier reef has vanished over the last 27 years and scientists say several factors are causing the decline. storms and cyclones, and coral bleaching from high temperatures, are both blamed on global climate change. the coral reef is also being eaten away by a type of starfish that can grow as big as three feet. efforts are under way to stem the damage from the starfish, which also feed on nutrient runoff from farms. >>a father wanted to make sure his wheelchair-bound son could enjoy halloween last year, so he created a very special costume for him. he built this ice cream truck for his son, carter. carter lives with spina bifida and uses a wheelchair. dad built a truck frame and fitted it ove
Oct 1, 2012 12:00pm CDT
elect to move back if it fits his needs or choose a place of his own. >>lunchbreak is next. a maple cheesecake with caramelized apples. the pastry chef from michael jordan's steakhouse is here! >>in today's lunchbreak we're celebrating national dessert month with a recipe for maple cheesecake creameux served with caramelized apples, graham- pecan streusel and cranberry. chicago-native pastry chef hillary rikower is here from michael jordan's steakhouse. >>thank you for being here. what is the difference from regular cheesecake? >>gelatin instead of traditional cheesecake. >>a little bit creamier and lighter. >>let's get to it. start with milk and cream. and some maple syrup. a really dark color. we are going to give that a stir. we are going to heat it. until it begins to simmer. in this bowl we have some egg yold.k. >>we will have amounts on our webpage. >>if you want to add a little bit of vanilla extract. a little bit of orange dust. it brings out the flavor. we are going to slowly ladel our heated cream mixture into our egg yolk. so we do not make scrambled eggs. >>one more. the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3